Groupe de travail physique/mathématique (2000-2005)

Archives of a unique weekly workshop on mathematical physics taking place in Nancy. For several years, mathematicians with various background and theoretical physicists generously explained to each other fundamentals and sometimes also more advanced notions of quantum field theory, integrable models, conformal field theory, stochastic modelization of out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, SLE, etc.

January 20, 2018

Voyages en mathématiques

Foundation stone of a mixed educational/research corpus in pure and applied mathematics and theoretical physics designed for university students (from beginners to Ph D students, or professional researchers interested in exploring new directions). A collective enterprise.

Pour nos étudiants: un site de découverte des mathématiques contemporaines pour les esprits curieux et amateurs de chemins de traverse!

January 20, 2018

Constructive renormalization

Pedagogical notes on constructive renormalization: techniques and applications to  quantum field theory, condensed matter, stochastic PDEs and statistical physics.

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